Entry #1

i use ms paint tu maek funneh picature muvies

2013-04-27 15:08:10 by RadiantTurtle

~ I have always loved animations so i bought flash a couple weeks ago and decided to make a Newgrounds profile to get some feedback on my animations. I am a fully time HGV mechanic at le moment until September, when i start a media course. So please forgive me if i rush animations as i have feck all time.


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2013-04-27 16:33:47

The idea is to get good... well, decent, anyway, and <strong>then</strong> start submitting. I know that time is tight, though, so go to my most recent news post for tips and tutorials that might help. Better tutorials mean less time wasted. In theory, anyway, right?

Hope that helps. :)

RadiantTurtle responds:

Spank you for the advise :D